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Week 6 Assignment - Declining Fish Stock

Week 6 Assignment - Declining Fish Stock - Declining Fish...

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Declining Fish Stock 1 Declining Fish Stock Melissa Krol SCI-275 December 17, 2009 Instructor: Timothy S. Griffin, Esquire Axia College of University or Phoenix
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Declining Fish Stock 2 Declining Fish Stock For years man has fished the ocean with the idea that “there are plenty of fish in the sea.” This idea is now being challenged by ecologists and other environmental experts introducing the idea that is depicted in the Declining Fish Stock video that the ocean and other fish producing water ways are over fished by commercial fishermen. Jeremy Jackson with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography believes the ocean is over fished based on facts gathered from his two year study. Jeremy Jackson also believes that drastic measures need to be taken to reverse the effects of over fishing such as designating and enforcing no fishing zones. On the other hand, Pete Dupuis a commercial fisherman believes that the fishing is as good as it has ever been and enacting no fishing zones will not solve the problem, he believes a plan that will address and balance economic demands and environmental concerns should be implemented. A plan benefiting both commercial fishermen and environmentalists would be best for all parties concerned, even the consumer to the sports fishermen. The goal is to have a renewable resource. Placing reasonable limits on the amount of fish the commercial fishermen as well as the sports fishermen can gather in a day will help to enable the fish population to grow by the reproduction process. Check points could be put in place to monitor all commercial vessels as well as the sports fisherman when they come back to port.
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