Week 6 checkpoint- Presentation of the Stakeholders' Positions

Week 6 checkpoint- Presentation of the Stakeholders' Positions

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Week 6 checkpoint: Presentation of the Stakeholders’ Positions Melissa Krol Good morning, I would like to thank the board for allowing me to present the position of the City and residents of Riverside regarding the discharge of sonox into the Cherokee River. We understand that the Mill is not the only industrial plant on the River but is the only plant at this time that has sonox readings at high levels near their discharge pipes. We have had a rise of miscarriages and respiratory disorders since the plant started using this chemical in the production of their paper products. We as citizens are concerned about the long-term effect this chemical will have on the health of everyone in the community. We believe Kardell Paper Company is good for our community. The company employees over 500 people from Riverside and it is because of this that we feel that we are all part of the Kardell family. We have a mutual concern in the health and safety of your employees who are also residents of the City of
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Unformatted text preview: Riverside. We know that as a company you need to make a profit to stay in business but you also need to take an interest in the health of your employees. If your employees become ill because of the sonox that is used in the plant and emitted into the river they may become too ill to work and with the residents also becoming ill because of the sonox emissions in the water you may soon have no people healthy enough to work in the plant. We do not want to see this happen. We ask that you take a more active role in determining the risks of using sonox and take advantage of today’s technology to implement a process that would keep the waters of the Cherokee River from being so polluted that the health of our community is in jeopardy. We all depend on the river as a source of water for our households and for recreation. We ask that you please consider our position in this matter and what is ethical for all concerned....
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