Week 5 Checkpoint-Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis

Week 5 Checkpoint-Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis...

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Week 5 Checkpoint-Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis Melissa Krol Describe how you might conduct a stakeholder impact analysis of Scenario 1 of Appendix B using each of the stakeholder impact analysis approaches: moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin’s approach. I would ask the questions using the 5-question approach as my first step to find out who profits/benefits from my decision and whether anyone’s rights are violated. I would then take this a step further and use the moral standards approach to broaden the information needed to make my decision. I would then take it a step further and use some aspects of Pastin’s method to see if I am breaking any rules and to place myself in the shoes of the town’s citizens to see if my decision would not go over well with the people. In asking the 5-questions used in the 5-question approach I find that everyone in town will benefit/profit if the land is used for the new development, no one’s rights are violated or laws broken, it is fair to a majority but not to some of the senior
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