Diagnosis and treatment - appendix even if they start the...

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The medical equipment used for appendicitis is a physical examination, lab tests, and sometimes imaging tests. During the physical exam the doctor will push on different areas of your belly to see where the pain is. The lab tests for appendicitis will more likely be a CBC (complete blood count) to look for signs of infection. There are no specific lab tests for appendicitis. The imaging tests a CT scan is used when there is uncertainty of appendicitis. Also an ultrasound could be done to take pictures of the appendix. The only treatment for appendicitis is to surgically remove the appendix before it ruptures and spreads infection to the abdomen. The reason I agree with the diagnosis is because you do not want to take any chances with appendicitis. If the doctor is unsure about the diagnosis they will recheck you in six to eight hours later before they make the decision to do surgery. The doctors may remove your
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Unformatted text preview: appendix even if they start the surgery and find out your appendix is fine and the reasoning for that is because they do not want to have future problems with the appendix. The surgery can be done two ways-laparoscopic or traditional. Laparoscopic surgery uses three to four small incisions, and traditional appendectomy uses one larger incision. If you appendix has burst and there is infection in the abdomen the hospital stay will be longer. Your treatment will include IV fluids and antibiotics. Surgery for a burst appendix may be more complicated. A radiologist may place a drain in your belly to help remove some of the infection before you have surgery. Then they will remove the appendix a few weeks later. The doctor also may leave an incision so it can heal inside out. They also may place a drain in the wound to help drain the infection....
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Diagnosis and treatment - appendix even if they start the...

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