Capstone - say that they do believe that they would be...

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How has your view concerning the topic you covered in your final project changed throughout this course? I would honestly have to say that my views are still the same as what they were when I picked my topic. I feel that it is still unknown (life after death).The more I research this topic the more it becomes unknown. It would tell how the different religions say what they believe in. Life after death for me is we will not know until the time comes. Christians are taught that Heaven is a place of eternal life. They feel that Hell is a painful and fiery place of suffering and inflicting guilt. Buddhism has several heavens; they believe that good karma may be reborn into one of them. They feel that hell is not a permanent place of suffering. My friends and family believe the same as I do that we will never know until it is our time. Some
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Unformatted text preview: say that they do believe that they would be reborn into someone or something else. The priest that I talked with believes that if you believe in god and do right by him then yes you will be reborn. The priest also thinks that you only go to hell if you sin and are not forgiven for those sins. In turn, my thoughts on life after death are still the same. We will know when it is our time to either become reborn, go to hell and hopefully the pain and suffering will teach you a lesson and you can be reborn again. There is a part of me that thinks that we will just lie in our casket and rot away and nothing will happen to us. Maybe scientists are right that Earth will be a lonely place once human life dies off. I have read several articles about no living thing will be on Earth after they die off....
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Capstone - say that they do believe that they would be...

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