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Scene A.   1 - Her kidney function has been impaired. (less glomerular filtration).  2 - Hyper tension may  continue , She might report skin irritation, muscular cramps and  puffiness around eyes and on hands and feet. 3 - As the heart operation progressed, it led to  preferential renal vasoconstriction.   This diverted blood supply away from the kidney to the heart and brain, leading to  Acute Renal Failure. Indeed this has been known to happen in many patients who  undergo open heart surgery. 4 - Since in most cases, of Acute Renal Failure, the kidney recovers, medication or  dialysis is indicated, till such time as her natural urine output recovers.   Scene B. 5 - As it is basically the result of  vascular disease , it affects both the kidneys and the 
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Unformatted text preview: heart. 6 - He will report hypertension, skin irritation, yellowness under skin, water retention under puffy areas on hands and feet, and muscular cramps. 7 - AS-RAS or Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis , is a vascular disease leading to the hardening of the arteries. Atherosclerosis in general hardern the arteries all over the body and hampers blood flow to the organs all over the body. 8 - Renal angioplast / Balloon Angioplasty are the remedies. Prognosis is not totally clear. But the leading cause has been found to be cardiovascular disease. Read more: CheckPoint: Kidney Failure • Resource: Ch. 1. .. - JustAnswer
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