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class notes-final - March 2nd 2010 Dylan folk music invents...

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March 2 nd 2010 Dylan - folk music- invents idea as artist - Was a spokesperson for the people, speaking about certain issues and attests this idea and wanted to be an artist, so develops into folk rock Folk music and folk rock- difference - Electric guitar Rock and roll and rock - Lyrical content - Why do lyrics change? o There’s a move towards the musician as an artist 1964 - Rolling stones- did a rice krispies commercial - Two years later they would be accused of selling out - change in the mid 1960s - = change in rock music and Rock aesthetic - Folk rock - first subgenre of rock - 1965 something starts happening: people were experimenting with drugs - we see this as the beatles music starts to change (example: tommorow never knows of the revolver album) - Musically, sonically, lyrically o there was distortion o looping o guitar was played backwards - Harmonically o No complex chord progressions o Entire song is basically on one chord- influence by east Indian music, based entirely around a drone Origins of “psychedelic” - Psychedelic: from Greek psyche = soul/mind; delein = reveal/manifest. - Coined by Humphrey Osmond in 1957 as alternative to “hallucinogen L.S.D.? (1965) - Lyserg s äure d iethylamid in German translates to lysergic acid diethylamide - Hence sometimes acid rock instead of psychedelic rock - Really influenced the music - This was important because it greatly impacted popular music of the time - Why was it happening at this time? What was going on in broader society? Why is there a strong shift to popular music as being serious art? o Vietnam war: draft, people were worried about having to go to war o Baby boomers: demographically and economically significant
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They start to realize their power and popular music becomes their way to exercise power, and believed that the music reflected art and who they were Rock Improvisation - - Grateful Dead perhaps most in uential exponents of improvisation in rock music - Less than 3 min. long 1967 “Dark Star” single - becomes within 2 years basis of 23 min. version on - Live/Dead . - Longest versions almost 40 minutes long. - Different then other music because: o Slow harmonic progression, with a long build up o Vocals Segues. .. (music doesn’t stop) - • Example: Grateful Dead November 8, - 1969: 2nd set - • Approx.: 120 minutes of continuous music - Dark Star>The Other One>Dark Star>Uncle - John’s Band Jam>Dark Star> St.Stephen>The - Eleven >Caution>The Main - Ten>Caution>Feedback>We Bid You Goodnight - Arrows show each song is connected, they don’t stop playing - Why would this develop? o Moving away from the dominant pop paradigm of 3 minute songs o People were doing drugs at the concert and dancing, so they don’t want to keep stopping, connection to dj culture, they don’t stop the music, everything is blended - Music concrete o Using real life sounds on the track o Any sound or the lack of sound can be musical Other rock sub-genre: Latin-Rock - Precursor: Ritchie Valens’ 1958 U.S. top-40 hit “La
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class notes-final - March 2nd 2010 Dylan folk music invents...

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