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pop music-final - Singer-Songwriters, Funk &...

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Unformatted text preview: Singer-Songwriters, Funk & Soul 01:08 Main Themes Pre 1950s: race issues (appropriation, urban vs. rural), development of music industry (media & tech change), separate roles/collaboration, pop & jazz, WWI & WWII. 1950s: blurred racial lines & teen rebellion (baby boomers) rocknroll (indie vs. major) guitar prominence (electric), technical progress, radio-music industry & payola (DJs), performing/writing own songs. Middle of 50s & 60s: authenticity 1960s: return of majors, British invasion, girl groups/Brill Building, urban folk revival, studio experimentation (psychedelia), surf music, R&B (soul), counterculture (civil rights movement/Vietnam war/womens movement). 1970 Watershed/Turning pt for Popular Music/North America Changing national identities in US & Canada : US- civil rights, womens movement & Vietnam created a following of young people who rebelled against the way American gov dealt with issues. Canada- 1967 centennial yr, Expo 67 & Trudeau election redefined our country (multiculturalism). Hippy ideologies of anti-capitalism & non-violence get challenged : o Newport Folk Festival (65): year Dylan went electric. o Monterey Pop Festival (67): introduced San Fransisco to rest of country, 1 st festival to promote peace, love, drugs. o Woodstock (69): great success for hippy counterculture. Peace & love still at forefront. o Altamont (69): 1-day concert at speedway, had to change venues, hired Hells Angels for security, 4 deaths non-violence no longer part of festival atmosphere. End of the 60s, loss of innocence. o Isle of Wight (70): fence built to control crowd & get ticket money. Backlash as people felt they shouldnt have to pay. Crowd knocked down fences. Economic failure. End of peace & love era. Dangerous drug culture : Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix & Janis Joplin die. Critic starts playing bigger role in defining popular culture : valorization of authenticity & devaluation of commercial/pop music . o Authenticity: stage self=actual self, not doing it for commercial success, musical ability/practice. Widened Gap Between Pop & Rock Non-musical characteristics that can define genre: audience (gender, age, race, socioeconomic status), purpose (to dance to, for a political rally, etc.), authenticity of the performer, stage presence/dress/ Singer-Songwriter Genre Roots : folk revival. Woody Guthrie was an early singer-songwriter, solo artist who wrote own songs & sang/accompanied himself on guitar. Lyrics : politics (anti-war, anti-materialist), autobiographical, personal stories,...
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pop music-final - Singer-Songwriters, Funk &...

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