Religion in Ancient israel jan29

Religion in Ancient israel jan29 - Religions in Ancient...

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Unformatted text preview: Religions in Ancient Israel The Pat r iarch and Mat r ia rchs • • • Abraham and Sarah Isaac/Rebecca Jacob/Rachel January 29 2008 Abram/Abraham • The appearance of Abraham opens a new phase in the history of the people of I srael • • He is the ancestor of Israel Abraham is one of the few biblical characters which have a great importance i n the three monopolistic religions • • • Abram is first int roduced in a genealogical list in chapter 11 Abraham departed from Ur of the Chaldens The internal chronology of the bible suggests a date around 2100 BCE for A braham, and a t ime around 1876 for the descent of his grandson Jacob into Egypt with his family • In genesis 5 we are given a chronological summary of the ten generations f rom Adam to the f lood, this period is said to last 1656 years • After the f lood, ten more generation are listed rapidly conclusive with Terah, father of Abraham (Genesis 11). This period is allotted 290 years • Only extremely conservative scholars would now take these dates at face value • Many have t r ied to set the stories of Genesis against the background of h istorical era • Unlike many biblical books, the patriarchs stories are radically void of r eference to public events that might be known form other sources Religions in Ancient Israel • January 29 2008 There is no positive evidence to set the background of the patriarchs in the early or middle part of the second millennium • • In fact several considerations tell against such an early ... ...
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Religion in Ancient israel jan29 - Religions in Ancient...

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