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final--exam--review--mmw4--s210--chang - MMW 4 Prof Chang...

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MMW 4 Prof. Chang Summer Session II 2010 Final Exam Review Guide (This is meant to be a review guide, not the exam itself. Ultimately, you are accountable for all the key materials in the readings and lectures.) Exam will be designed for 2 hours, even though you will have 3 hours to complete it. (Please bring TWO blank bluebooks for exchange) Part I. Objective Portion (From “Colonial Economies of Exploitation” lecture on) You need to be familiar with the historical context and significance of the following names and terms from the readings and lectures. Be sure you are able to address the appropriate “who?” “what?” “where?” and “when?‟, and most importantly, “why?” questions associated with each one. Critical understanding of the readings is recommended. Multiple Choice and Matching Terms questions will be drawn from this guide, but it is also a very useful reference for the whole exam. Key Terms and Names Colonial Economies of Exploitation Missionaries vs. Conquistadors Demographic Impact of Epidemics “The Black Legend” De Las Casas Encomiendas Law of Burgos 1512 Audiencias New Law of 1542 Trial of Juan Ponce Silver mines at Potosi and Zacatecas Quinto Mercantilism Royal Monopoly over silver industry Flota System Repartimiento Missionaries vs. Spanish Crown Inquisition in the Americas Syncretism of Religious Iconography Virgin of Guadalupe Atlantic “Sugar Islands” Brazilian Sugar Plantations Multinational complicity Capital-intensive Mass Production Haiti Slave Revolt 1792 Thomas Phillips Captain of the Hannibal Demographic Impact of Slave Trade Triangular Trade King Afonso of Congo Economic Impact of Slavery on Africa Plague, Hysteria, and Anti-Semitism The Great Famine 1315-1322 Italian Port Cities Death Toll of Plague 1347-1350 Boccacio‟s Decameron Islamic vs. Christian theories of Contagion Fatwas against Flight and Isolation Ibn al-Khatib “Reverent Resignation” Ibn al-Wardi Flagellants Social Impact of Plague Power of peasantry Demographic shifts Rise of urban middle-class Economic Impact of Plague New consumption patterns Implications for Renaissance Sanctioned Violence against Jews “Synagogue of Satan” Royal Protection of Jews Pogroms King Pedro IV Trial of Endingen 1470 Emperor Frederick III Karl of Baden Fabrication of a Conspiracy
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“Juden Frei” The Rise and Impact of Humanism Pope Boniface Clericis Laicos Town Burghers Social impact of guilds Student unions Petrus Vergerius Liberal Studies Scholasticism Peter Abelard Thomas Aquinas Medieval Synthesis “Summa Theologica” God as “prime mover” Humanism Francesco Petrarch Pico Della Mirandola
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final--exam--review--mmw4--s210--chang - MMW 4 Prof Chang...

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