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MMW 4 Prof. Chang Summer II 2010 Midterm Review Guide (This is meant to be a review guide, not the exam itself. Ultimately, you are accountable for all the key materials in the readings and lectures.) Exam will be designed for 1 hr 20 minutes (PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING AN UNMARKED BLUEBOOK FOR EXCHANGE) Part I. Objective Part You need to be familiar with the historical context and significance of the following names and terms from your readings and lectures. Be sure you are able to address the appropriate “who?” “what?” “where?” and “when?‟, and most importantly, “why?” questions associated with each one. Multiple Choice and Matching Terms questions will be drawn from this guide. Example of Multiple Choice format: Please read each choice carefully and write the letter of the most appropriate answer in your blue book next to the question number. 1. Which secret treaty carved up Poland between two neighboring powers? A) Brest-Litovsky Treaty B) Treaty of Versailles C) Helsinki Accord D) Nazi-Soviet Pact Example of Matching Terms format: Please match the terms or names from each column that are most closely related in significance and historical context. Write a 3-4 sentence explanation of their relationship ( BE BRIEF BUT SPECIFIC ) J. Alfred Prufrock Ahimsa Gandhi Divided Self Key Terms and Names (Helpful maps in Bentley: pp. 602, 604, 614, 672, 755) The Mongol Formation of a World System “Innovational personality” Denial of Coevalness Polycentric Globalism Theory of Contingency Extent of Mongol expansion Impact of medieval climate change Global nomadic expansions Genghis Khan Outer frontier strategy Jurchens in northern China Khwarazm Shah of Iran Ogodei Khan Mongol tax farming Impact of Mongol Empire (Political Integration, Cultural Cross- fertilization, Religious pluralism, Economic coherence) Khubilai Khan Consort Chabi Four Khanates (Ilkhans [Hulegu], Golden Horde [Berke], Chagatai Khanate, Great Khanate) Challenge of Arigh Boke Office for the Stimulation of Agriculture Ortakhs Paper currency Postal stations Mongol hierarchy of ethnic classes Finance Minister Ahmad Saiyid Ajall Yunnan Province Jamal al-Din Muslim threats in Mongol realm Anti-Muslim jasaghs Economic Networks in Asia and Africa 1281 Mongol Invasion of Japan
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This note was uploaded on 09/06/2010 for the course MMW MMW 4 taught by Professor Chang during the Summer '10 term at UCSD.

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summer--midterm--review--guide--mmw4--s210 - MMW 4 Prof....

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