Lab practical 2 - see this mosquito Occipital You get an A...

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Where are Swann cells? PNS Why is saltatory conduction faster than continuous conduction? signal jumps from node to node; myelinated fibers increase the speed of conduction by not letting the charge leak out Not a cranial bone? Zygomatic Function of the cranial nerves? carry impulses Which cranial nerve serves the nasal cavity? olfactory Two divisions of the PNS? autonomic and somatic sensory Main component of myelencephalon? medulla oblongata gyri - a ridge in the brain Two divisions of the ANS? sympathetic and parasympathetic What are the cells in the CNS that function similary to the schwann cells in the pns? oligodendrocytes Deep grooves in the brain: fissures You see a mosquito on your arm and reach out to slap it. Which lobe are you using to
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Unformatted text preview: see this mosquito? Occipital You get an A on your next anatomy test and would like to thank the lobe of your brain that is most responsible for that grade. Frontal Melatonin - pinneal gland Beef jerky, eating - which cranial nerves? trigeminal nerve Mountain lion - sympathetic Dendrite: main function - to receive impulses axon: transmit impulses away from the soma, the body of the neuron Gap between myelinated sheaths - Train the new somatic motor neurons. FROM CNS TO SKELETAL MUSCLES where are interneurons found? in the CNS Gray matter of the brain made of? cell bodies...
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Lab practical 2 - see this mosquito Occipital You get an A...

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