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James Frageau Dr. West November 12, 2009 The Life of Eric Clapton Eric Patrick Clapton was born March 30, 1945 in Surrey, England. During this time, World War II was still being fought and many soldiers were stationed in England. One soldier in particular was Edward Walter Fryer, a twenty-four year old Canadian soldier. Edward ended up meeting Eric’s mother Patricia Molly Clapton and within no time Patricia was pregnant with Eric, and Edward was back in Canada. During this time period, it was very difficult for a single mother at the age of 16 to raise a child, so Eric was left to his Grandparents, and actually believed for many years that his mother was actually his sister. However, as Eric grew older, he became very skeptical of his past, as stated in his autobiography, “It was a house full of secrets. But bit by bit, by carefully listening to these exchanges, I slowly began to put together a picture of what was going on and to understand that the secrets were usually to do with me.”( Clapton, Eric. Clapton: the Auto Biography. New York: Random House INc, 2008. pg 5) At the age of 9, Eric learned the truth about his parents. “T his singular event affected him deeply and was a defining moment in his life. He became moody and distant and stopped applying himself at school. Emotionally scarred by this event, Eric failed the all-important 11 Plus Exams.”( Despite Eric’s troubled child hood, he still found an early love for music. At a very early age Eric was first introduced with music. Eric’s grandmother often played the piano, while the rest of his family enjoyed listening to the big bands. Eric’s
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real father was also very talented playing the piano in many dance bands in the Surrey area. By the age of 13, Eric was enrolled in the art branch of Holyfield Road School. That same year, for Eric’s birthday he asked for, and was given his first guitar. However, Eric found the cheap German made Hoya very difficult to play, and eventually put it aside, but as time passed Eric came across a much nicer guitar at a flea market for very cheap, and
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eric clapton - James Frageau Dr West The Life of Eric...

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