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Jewish Test 2 study Guide - Jewish Test 2 study Guide...

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Jewish Test 2 study Guide Sukkot- annual jewish festival, lasting 7 day for Israeli and reform jews and 8 days by other jews living outside of Israel,of giving thanks for fall harvest and commerating the 40 years of jewish wandering in the desert after Sinai - one of 3 pilgrim festivals When does Sukkot begin? 5 days after yom kippur on the 15 th day of the Hebrew month of tishrei What does Sukkah mean Sukkot- means hut or booth and refers to the special structure erected by the jews during this festival, these huts symbolize what the jews lived in for 40 years of wandering in the desert of Sinai The festival of Sukkoh is spiritually and symbolically represented by 4 species of vegetation: Lulav- means palm branch represents back bone Etrog- means citron refers to special lemon like fruit used in conjunction with the lulav in the Sukkot ritual- heart Branch of myrtle-eye Willow-heart These items used in everday ritual lulav in right hand etrog in left , face the east Sukkoh is one of 5 occasions where people read from the Megillah (scroll) On Sukkoh they also read from the ecclesiates which is a book of good advice Simchat Torah- last day of Sukkoh, it refers to the celebration each year when jews read the concluding section of the book Deuteronomy and start with genesis once again Courage to care Characters- Paris - little girl, hid in closet to avoid capture
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Amsterdam -social worker saw orphans being loaded into truck, shes still upset abouth watching, and not helping, eventually takes care of a family outside of Amsterdam, when 4 germans come to the house and heres the baby cry she kills the officer so he couldn’t take them Irene Poland Served food to Germans- behind the hotel she workers there was a ghetto, she served food to the local head of gastapo she also took care of laundry, she was a housekeeper and held 12 jews in basement and got caught Little boy- his parents sent him to a monestary outside of krakau, he hid in a
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Jewish Test 2 study Guide - Jewish Test 2 study Guide...

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