Am. Lit. EXam 1 terms (1)

Am. Lit. EXam 1 terms (1) - All I do is Win-DJ Khaled Anne...

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All I do is Win-DJ Khaled Anne Bradstreet: English-born American poet, one of the first poets of the American colonies. At age 18 she sailed from England with her husband, her parents, and other Puritans to settle on Massachusetts Bay. She wrote many of her poems while rearing eight children. Without her knowledge, her brother-in-law took her poems to England, where they were published in 1650. One must remember that she was a Puritan, although she often doubted, questioning the power of the male hierarchy, even questioning God (or the harsh Puritan concept of a judgmental God). Her love of nature and the physical world, as well as the spiritual, often caused creative conflict in her poetry. Though she finds great hope in the future promises of religion, she also finds great pleasures in the realities of the present, especially of her family, her home and nature (though she realized that perhaps she should not, according to the Puritan perspective). Although few other American women were to publish poetry for the next 200 years, her poetry was generally ignored until "rediscovered" by feminists in the 20th century. These critics have found many significant artistic qualities in her work. What Anne does so well in her poetry was the usage of biblical significances within her poems, and Puritans are all about the bible. She does this while saying her peace, which opposes Puritans’ theologies at times. That’s what made the content of her poetry so captivating. The Prologue: Anne Bradstreet's poem, "The Prologue," portrays the struggles of being a woman in a Puritan society. She realized that in a Puritan society, women were not meant to speak their mind and have strong opinions. With this poem she acknowledges her role as a woman in society even if she doesn't agree with it. She wonders how her poetry will be perceived by male readers and consequently humbles herself within the context of the poem by indicating her unworthiness in writing about topics usually written by men. Anne Bradstreet shows her recognition of men's supposed superiority in that time period with this line: "Men can do best, and women know it well" (40). Yet, through the subtext, Bradstreet craftily challenges men and proves her poetic prowess. Regardless of her acknowledgment of her role in society, she uses her poetry to convey her feelings and opinions about it. Anne Bradstreet lived in a time where women were meant to keep quite and tend to the children and home. She wrote "The Prologue" during this time to express her opinion on a woman's voice in society. She wrote in an atmosphere in which women were relegated to traditional roles. When reading this poem it is clear to see that Anne Bradstreet valued knowledge and intellect because she was a free thinker. ( Prologue/136326 ) The Flesh and the Spirit: 1)“The Flesh and the Spirit,” is rich in its metaphors and figurative language, through which its author,
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Am. Lit. EXam 1 terms (1) - All I do is Win-DJ Khaled Anne...

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