Am. Lit. Exam 1- Notes Compilation

Am. Lit. Exam 1- Notes Compilation - MONDAY, July 12th: THE...

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MONDAY, July 12 th : THE LITERATURE OF EARLY AMERICA “New world” Europeans saw themselves as Europeans from various nationalities, not Americans until the mid-18 th century; the same was for native Americans- they identified as members of distinct nations “With Europeans arrival came the rearrangement, displacement, and destruction of a wide variety of Native American civilizations all over the Americas…” Introduction: Concept of America Comes later (in syllabus listed opening material) PRE-Americans and Puritans. Americanism comes later. First settlers came to new landscapes thought of themselves as transplanted Europeans. Roots in Europe and England; Looking for new freedom/ new world to live in. Native American Civilizations and Cultures NA oral poetry and various explorer narratives suggest some of the Native response to European invasion With Europeans cam slaughter, slavery, and many diseases that proved lethal to the Natives Between 1492 and 1617 their populations were reduced to less than 10% of their original numbers Cartoon: Plymouth Rock: Say They’re building a wall because too many of us enter illegally and wont learn their language or assimilate into their culture—true. Many had own life, tribes, literature (oral type)- native Americans/ Indians; HERE before Europeans came. Back to Introduction: ORAL LITERATURE- very impermanent. Very fragile, transitory, not recorded, past from tribes- shaman, speaker, tribal poet/ visionary as he chanted these stories- passed to the ear they would take it in and transmit it orally. *Constantly shifting, changing; Oral history in your text are vague approximations of real story. A lot of stories deal with same things Europeans dealt with- what are we here for? What is our relationship with nature? Similar from world of the bible (the puritans BOOK); Literature before that not called American Lit was tribal oral literature. “With the Europeans’ arrival came the rearrangement, displacement, and destruction of a wide variety of native American civilization all over the Americans…” -life was changed radically by non-native- American civilizations and cultures. “Between 1492 and 1617 NA populations in West Indie, central Mexico and new England were reduced to less than 10 percent of their original numbers.” –from early stage also there was since from Europeans that they were a superior breed coming to an inferior group of people Engraving: by Theodore Galle: looks down on the world of the primitive, naked woman surrounded by animals, shows clash of two worlds. Confrontation BT primitive barbaric world and culture of the old world Exploration and Colonization Arrival of Columbus in 1492; French and English colonization did not really take hold until the 1600s After NA oral traditions, writing of exploration by conquistadors could be considered the first “American Literature” (Spanish…) Massachusetts Bay Puritans believed the Church of England retained too many roman
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Am. Lit. Exam 1- Notes Compilation - MONDAY, July 12th: THE...

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