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American President Exam Two Note Compilation A5. Presidency Modernized A. Introduction a. Modernized Defined i. an expansion of government and presidential power needed to respond to huge presidential problems ii. problems got bigger, presidency got more powerful. iii. the rise of a mass media capability 1. change in what reporters thought their purpose was 2. new technology to reach the mass audience becomes possible 3. emerging technology to reach the mass audience that would serve as a new tool in gathering mass audience support. iv. the emergence of the U.S. as a world power v. expansion of economy caused need for a stronger government b. 1864-1901 i. The post-Lincoln presidents had no event to latch on to. ii. this is one of the rare moments in American history, where congress had enough power to control the legislative process 1. had enough support to override a presidential veto iii. post-war vengeance toward the south kept congress unified iv. what the presidents during this period lacked was an opportunity to seize power 1. best and brightest during this time were drawn into industrial sector 2. people who grew the economy during this time developed relationships with government c. Beginnings B. Theodore Roosevelt a. Leadership Problem i. to moderate the excesses of this economic industrialization ii. companies are destroying competitors 1. monopolies are forming which inhibits competition iii. hurts big groups opposed to small groups iv. how would the president and the government clean up this mess/fix this problem v. Roosevelt had to get people to think differently about what presidential power was and it could be used 1. This is why he wrote the Stewardship Doctrine C. Stewardship Doctrine - president can do whatever he wants unless it is expressly prohibited in the Constitution. a. Novel Methods i. 3 things that are common place now but not so much then: 1. The potential presidency offered for reaching nation and world . the “bully pulpit” 2. Exploit new media from “bully pulpit” 3. Make the president himself into something worth watching and interesting.
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a. Teddy was by nature an explosive, tempestuous, energetic figure. b. Tried to be more colorful so media could pay attention to him. b. The Man i. Only second person that is charismatic, after Jackson. ii. Could influence and touch emotions. Had this capacity because he was so explosive. iii. Youngest person to ever start in the office. 42. iv. Someone who makes it clear he loves the job. This is a novelty. v. He was really unbelievable to people. vi. Because he was seemingly crazy and explosive, rumors got started that he was an alcoholic. 1. People didn’t think that he could be as energetic as he was without the influence of alcohol. But he wasn’t. vii.
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AmericanPresidentExamTwo - American President Exam Two Note...

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