Anth 481 - Syllabus[1]

Anth 481 - Syllabus[1] - Honors of Cultural Anthropology...

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Professor: Letterio Mammoliti Office: RN-266 Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30 – 2:30 pm Email: [email protected] Course description: This course is a seminar-style introduction to the variety of customs, traditions, and forms of social organization in a variety of western and non-western societies. The main goal of the course is to understand the importance of culture for both the individual and societies. Anthropological concepts will be stressed including human culture and language, cultural relativism, holism, ethnocentrism, cross-cultural comparisons, fieldwork and theory. Topics include the nature of culture, subsistence methods, religion, linguistics, trade and economic systems, arts, kinship, marriage and family systems, technology and change. This honors section uses an intensive instructional methodology designed to challenge motivated students. Required texts: Being Human , by Mari Womack, 2 nd Edition Online Material: This course uses Google Documents ( to host study guides, syllabi, and other relevant material. To access this website, use the following information: Email: [email protected] Password: AnthroSCC Course requirements: The final grade will be calculated according the performance on two exams, in class exercises, essays, and the completion of the homework assignments. Extra points may be awarded for other projects. Attendance: Attendance is mandatory during the whole semester to facilitate learning and to participate in class discussions. An excessive amount of absences may result in a full grade penalty (4 absences) unless the student turns in one extra paper to be agreed upon with the instructor. A larger amount of absences (6 or more) may result in being dropped from the class. It is the responsibility of the student to get notes from classmates for lectures missed. I will provide a copy of any handout given during the class by request. Exercises: Every lesson, up to 5 points will be awarded for an in-class exercise which will be the base for the beginning of a lecture, or is related to what we will be talking about. These exercises do not require out of class preparation, but they will not be made up for, so attendance is strongly encouraged. Readings:
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Anth 481 - Syllabus[1] - Honors of Cultural Anthropology...

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