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Anth 481 - Midterm Study Guide

Anth 481 - Midterm Study Guide - Honors of Cultural...

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Honors of Cultural Anthropology – Study Guide for the Midterm As agreed, the midterm will revolve about the material presented between chapter 4 and chapter 6 . The midterm will consist of a series of 3 prompts, one per chapter, presented to the students. Obviously, the student must answer in considerable detail (around 4 pages double spaced) only to one of them. To help in the study, a series of guiding questions about topics that may be used to build up a prompt are presented below. Chapter 4 What model of social organization did Marx put together? What was the key factor in social organization? How is White’s general evolution different from Steward’s specific evolution? Learn how energy can influence social structure. Compare the situation of the !Kung before and after settling down. What nutritional and health changes did the introduction of agriculture bring? Is agriculture a production economy or a subsistence economy? What does it even mean?
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