Anth 481 - Final Study Guide

Anth 481 - Final Study Guide - Honors of Cultural...

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Honors of Cultural Anthropology - Final Study Guide Overview The final will deal with the psychological disorder known as Anorexia. While many writers dealt with the psychological components of this eating disorder, it will be your job to analyze both the biological and cultural elements that play a role in the formation and emergence of this phenomenon. Testing Modality The essay should be at least 6 pages double-spaced. As it was mentioned, this exam is open book, and you can print and bring whatever bibliography you desire, but remember this: everything you bring in must be turned in at the end of the final (with the exclusion of the textbook and the articles provided by the instructor). Moreover, you will have to bring at least a sample of 5 different images that, in your opinion, are an example of cultural pressure on the audience to adopt the ideal that thinness equals beauty / health / success (or that not being thin equals morbidity / ugliness / failure). The images can be taken from magazines, catalogs, or printed from other sources. While simple
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Anth 481 - Final Study Guide - Honors of Cultural...

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