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Anth 481 - Essay 2 - Essay 2 Due April 12th Before the...

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Essay 2 - Due April 12 th Before the Observation: Choosing the Faith Attend a worship service as an anthropological observer involving a faith other than your own. Follow these guidelines to make a good decision: $ The faith should be unfamiliar: The more unfamiliar the service, the easier for you to notice the differences and not take anything for granted. That will help you greatly. $ Bring company: It may be helpful for you to go there with a friend that belongs to that faith as to not feel too much like an outsider. Your friend may act as an informant in case something is not clear $ Inform the religious figure performing the religious ceremony as to not cause any problem, especially if you plan to go alone. $ Pictures: If possible, take pictures of items, people, places, symbols, that you think are relevant for the analysis. Seek permission to do so before the service. Before the Ceremony $ Take notes: First and foremost, record down the time, place, and day of the service on the top of your notes. You will have to take notes at the best you can during the ceremony.
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