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Anth 481 - Essay 2 - Essay 2 Due April 12th Before the...

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Essay 2 - Due April 12 th Before the Observation: Choosing the Faith Attend a worship service as an anthropological observer involving a faith other than your own. Follow these guidelines to make a good decision: $ The faith should be unfamiliar: The more unfamiliar the service, the easier for you to notice the differences and not take anything for granted. That will help you greatly. $ Bring company: It may be helpful for you to go there with a friend that belongs to that faith as to not feel too much like an outsider. Your friend may act as an informant in case something is not clear $ Inform the religious figure performing the religious ceremony as to not cause any problem, especially if you plan to go alone. $ Pictures: If possible, take pictures of items, people, places, symbols, that you think are relevant for the analysis. Seek permission to do so before the service. Before the Ceremony $ Take notes: First and foremost, record down the time, place, and day of the service on the top of
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