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fall06exam1 - Physics 1710.003 Fall 2006 Examination 1 Name...

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Physics 1710.003 Fall 2006 Examination 1 Name: Student ID #: This test consists of 9 multiple-choice questions and 4 problems. To receive credit for the 4 problems, you must show all of your work on the pages provided. Don’t hand in any extra sheets or other paper. I strongly recommend that you also show your work for the multiple-choice questions. Suggested procedure for solving the problems: 1. Read each problem carefully and make sure you know what is being asked before starting the problem. 2. Draw a figure for the problem. 3. List the parameters given. 4. Write down the equations to be used. 5. Solve for the answer algebraically 6. Substitute numbers into you final equation and circle your answer. WORK THE EASY PROBLEMS FIRST!! Assume that all quantities are known to three significant figures.
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1. (6 points) Gold has a density of 19.3 g/cm 3 . What is the radius r of a solid sphere of gold that has a mass of m = 30.0 kg? a) 1.55 m b) 11.1 cm c) 7.19 cm d) 1.55 cm e) 0.719 cm 2. (6 points) The graph shows the velocity of an object moving along a straight line as a function of time. Identify, in this order, the labeled points at which the object has the largest acceleration, the largest speed, and the largest positive displacement from its initial position.
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