2006 Exam 1 - Physics 2220.004 Spring 2006 Examination 1...

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Physics 2220.004 Spring 2006 Examination 1 Name: This test consists of 7 multiple-choice questions and 5 free-response problems, for a total of 110 points (so that 10 points of extra credit are possible). To receive credit for the free-response problems, you must show all of your work on the pages provided. Don’t hand in any extra sheets or other paper. You may also earn partial credit for the some of the multiple choice problems if you show your work. Suggested procedure for solving the problems: 1. Read each problem carefully and make sure you know what is being asked before starting the problem. 2. Draw a figure for the problem. 3. List the parameters given. 4. Write down the equations to be used. 5. Solve for the answer symbolically. 6. Substitute numbers into you final equation and circle your answer. WORK THE EASY PROBLEMS FIRST!!
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1. (6 points) Three balls made of insulating material are suspended by insulating threads from a support. We know that ball X is positively charged. When ball X is brought near balls Y and Z without touching them, it attracts Y and repels Z. We can conclude that a) Y has a negative charge. b) Z has a negative charge. c) Y has a positive charge. d) Z is neutral (has no net charge.) e) Y is negatively charged or neutral (has no net charge.) 2. (8 points) A particle (mass = 5.0 g, charge = 40 mC) moves in a region of space where the electric field is uniform and is given by E x = 2.5 N/C, E y = E z = 0. If the
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2006 Exam 1 - Physics 2220.004 Spring 2006 Examination 1...

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