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Exam 1A Biology 1711 Chpt. 1. the Science of Biology 1. In science, a body of interconnected concepts supported by scientific reasoning and experimental evidence is termed a ____________. A. hypothesis B. theory C. prediction D. variable E. law 2. Scientists currently classify life into three major groups called… A. genomes B. kingdoms C. Phylogenetic trees D. Domains E. Communities 3. In what part of the world did Darwin observe finches that helped him formulate his ideas on evolution? A. Galapagos Islands B. Guam C. Costa Rica D. Hawaiian Islands E. Greenland 4. Maintaining relatively constant internal conditions is called… A. sensitivity B. growth C. immutable D. endemic E. homeostasis 5. The numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 represent… A. emergent properties B. a Phylogenetic tree C. a geometric progression D. an arithmetic progression E. a molecular clock 6. According to the hierarchical organization of life, organelles are made up of… A. organs B. molecules C. populations D. tissues E. organ systems
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7. Which of the following is not post-Darwin evidence for evolution? A. intelligent design B. mechanism of heredity C. comparative anatomy D. molecular clocks E. all are Chpt. 2. The Nature of Molecules 8. During oxidation, molecules… A. disintegrate B. gain electrons C. lose electrons D. lose carbon E. are converted to oxygen 9. Isotopes of the same element in their number of. .. A. atoms B. protons C. neutrons D. electrons E. bonds 10. In a single water molecule, the oxygen and hydrogen atoms… A. are held together by ionic bonds B. held together by hydrogen bonds C. have the same Electronegativity
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BioExam1_06 - Exam 1A Biology 1711 Chpt. 1. the Science of...

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