BioExam3_06 - EXAM #3A Biology 1711 Name:_ Chpt. 12. Sexual...

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EXAM #3A Biology 1711 Name:_______________________ November 1, 2006 Chpt. 12. Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis 1. Parthenogenesis is: A. a means of repairing DNA B. a factor in the red queen hypothesis C. a form of sex in haploid organisms D. a form of sexual reproduction E. none 2. An organism with 8 chromosomes in somatic tissue will have ____ chromosomes in germ-line tissue. A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 E. 32 3. Crossing over occurs in … A. prophase II B. metaphase II C. anaphase II D. prophase I E. metaphase I 4. When do the chromosomes align randomly along the midline of the cell? A. interphase B. prophase II C. metaphase I D. anaphase I E. telophase II 5. The _______ Hypothesis states that the advantage of sex in that it allows populations to store recessive alleles that might be useful in the future. A. Recombination B. DNA Repair C. Contagion D. Red Queen E. Muller’s Ratchet 6. Reproductive cells are known as ______ and non-reproductive as ________. A. diploid, haploid B. gametes, somatic C. mitotic, meiotic D. sporophyte, gametophyte E. zygotes, germ 7. Independent assortment of the chromosomes occurs durning… A. prophase II B. metaphase II
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C. anaphase II D. Prophase I D. metaphase I Chpt. 13. Pateernes of Inheritance 8. Compared to previous geneticists, the unique characteristic of Mendel’s work was… A. quantitative analysis B. using the garden pea for experiments C. producing hybrids D. studying more than one generation E. Crossing true-breeding plants 9. An individual who has two of the same allele is said to be… A. homozygous B. heteromologous C. homologous D. heterozygous E. dipolozygous 10. The appearance resulting from a given combination is referred to as… A. genotype B. phenotype C. phototype D. allelotype
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BioExam3_06 - EXAM #3A Biology 1711 Name:_ Chpt. 12. Sexual...

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