Bio Exam 2 2007

Bio Exam 2 2007 - Dr.Kunz BIOL 1711.001 Fall 2007 Exam II...

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Dr.Kunz Name________Key_____________ BIOL 1711.001 Fall 2007 Exam II Match the following to the choices provided. Answers may be used more than once. a. glycolysis b. fermentation c. respiration d. mitochondrial matrix e. pyruvate oxidation 1. lactate accumulation due to a deficiency in oxygen 2. generates an equivalent of -686 kcal/mol free energy from glucose 3. site of Kreb’s cycle 4. glucose conversion to pyruvate 5. This process requires coenzymeA 6. C 6 H 12 O 6 + O -----------> 6CO 2 + H 2 O 7. The function of ATP and NADPH generated during the light reactions of photosynthesis can be described as a. used to reduce CO 2 to CH 2 O b. used to reduce O 2 to H 2 O c. used to make water from the splitting reaction d. used to oxidize CH 2 O to CO 2 8. Which of the following best defines substrate-level phosphorylation? a. ATP synthesis associated with the electron transport chain b. ATP synthesis by phosphorylation c. ATP synthesis by direct phosphorylation of ADP by substrate-P d. phosphorylation by of ATP give Pi and ADP 9. The “business part” of an enzyme responsible for catalysis is called the a. allosteric site b. active site c. tertiary site d. protein 10. Which of the following terms regarding early studies on photosynthesis is correctly matched? a. Van Niel – source of reductant glucose b. Jan Baptista van Helmont – plant growth requires soil only c. F.F. Blackman – light dependent vs. light independent processes d. M. Calvin – water splitting reaction drive photosynthesis
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11. If a cell has 32 chromosomes prior to S and undergoes mitosis followed by cytokinesis, each new daughter cell will have many chromosomes? a. 64 b. 32 c. 16 d. 8 12. Cells carry out catabolism because a. they want to convert chemical energy into radiant energy b. they want to grow (make new cells) c. they want to remove CO 2 which cause global warming d. they want energy 13. Which of the following statements regarding the diagram below is incorrect? a. the results illustrate the photosynthetic action spectrum b. the results illustrate the photosynthetic absorption spectrum c. photosynthesis occurs best at wavelengths -430 and -680 nm d. photosynthesis generates oxygen 14. Many cancers are caused by a defective p53 protein whose role it is to
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Bio Exam 2 2007 - Dr.Kunz BIOL 1711.001 Fall 2007 Exam II...

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