Bio Exam 3 2007

Bio Exam 3 2007 - EXAM#3A Name Key A BIOLOGY 1711 November...

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EXAM #3A BIOLOGY 1711 Name Key A . November 2, 2007 Chpt. 11. Sexual Reproduction and Meiosis 1. An organism with 8 chromosomes in somatic tissue will have chromosomes in germ-line tissue. A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 16 E. 32 2. Crossing over occurs in… A. Prophase II B. Metaphase II C. Anaphase II D. Prophase I E. Metaphase I 3. When do the chromosomes align randomly along the midline of the cell? A. Interphase B. Prophase II C. Metaphase I D. Anaphase I E. Telophase II 4. Reproductive cells are known as and non-reproductive as . A. Diploid, haploid B. gametes, somatic C. mitotic, meiotic D. sporophyte, gametophyte E. zygotes, germ 5. Independent assortment of the chromosomes occurs during… A. prophase II B. metaphase II C. anaphase II D. prophase I E. metaphase I 6. Unique to meiosis is the failure of chromosomes to replicate between… A. Telophase I and prophase II B. prophase I and metaphase I C. prophase II and telophase II D. telophase II and interphase E. metaphase I and anaphase I 7. Sexual reproduction favors… A. genetic stability B. retention of key genes C. stable populations D. beneficial recombination E. genetic diversity
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8. What distinguishes prophase I from mitotic prophase? A. number of chromatids per chromosome B. synapsis C. number of homologs D. terminal chiasmata E. synergistic complex Chpt. 12. Patterns of Inheritance 9. Compared to previous geneticicsts, the unique characteristic of Mendel’s work was… A. quantitative analysis B. using the garden pea for experiments C. producing hybrids D. studying more than one generation E. crossing true-breeding plants 10. The appearance resulting from a given gene combination is referred to as… A. genotype B. phenotype C. phototype D. allelotype E. stereotype 11. Which of the following represents a testcross? A.
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Bio Exam 3 2007 - EXAM#3A Name Key A BIOLOGY 1711 November...

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