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Final Project Draft #2 Due: Thursday, April 8 th (Upload to Turnitin.com by 11:59PM) This is the start of your final project—“the real deal.” Remember that this assignment MUST also be uploaded to Turnitin.com by 11:59PM on the day it is due or it will be considered LATE (refer to the syllabus for information concerning late assignments). 1,800 word minimum Use and incorporate at least two of your scholarly sources Must include a fully developed introduction and thesis statement (use draft #1!). This paper should be well structured (i.e. not a freewrite) and you should be writing to a specific audience . You may choose to write a short (or compact) version of the final paper (i.e. a bit of every piece you intend on including in the final) OR you may write the first 1,800 words of the paper. This paper should be proofread!
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Unformatted text preview: Use your Proofreading Guide to aid in this. In order to pass this assignment, you may have no more than fifteen grammatical or typographical errors. Other advice: • Utilize more paraphrasing of the scholarly sources than direct quotes. Your reader wants to hear your interpretation of these supporting materials (evidence) and how they support (or in some cases refute) your claims. Direct quotes should be reserved for those rare instances when an author wrote something so compelling, and in such an eloquent manner, that you can’t find any other way to summarize what the author wrote. • Use the questions in the “Final Project Options” document to guide you. If you get stuck, use the questions as freewrite prompts. • Push yourself. Ask yourself questions to further develop your argument: So what? And? What does this mean?...
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