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September 7, 2008 Global Software Piracy Global Dimensions of Business 1. The companies that develop software used to put anticopying mechanisms into the products but the end users were complaining that the products were too difficult to use. The companies had to come up with different alternatives to combat piracy. There are three major organizations that lobby our government and others to be stricter on software pirates. They are the BSA, SIIA, and the IACC. 2. As of right now the patents do not seem to apply globally because countries such as China have laws against piracy but will not prosecute offenders. On paper they are legal but the top pirating countries do not enforce the laws.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Companies might try to get the other countries to enforce the laws more. They could offer incentives to governments for the amount of piracy offenders they caught. They could give copies of the program to the government for every certain number of pirates caught and prosecuted. Another way to curb piracy would be to make the software not operable until the user went online to the company website and put in a code as he was installing it. There is some software that has you do this but you can click that you will do it later and you can continue to use that software. You could do the same thing with a pirated copy....
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