KIN 54A Midterm Review 2010

KIN 54A Midterm Review 2010 - Know the name of the form...

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KIN 54A: Beginning Tae Kwon Do Written Midterm Study Guide: Be familiar with class terminology and etiquette. What does Tae Kwon Do mean? Name the 3 basic defenses by height and know which body areas they protect. Name the 3 basic stances and know the correct posture and weight distribution of each. o What is the most stable and what is the least stable? Name the 4 basic kicks and know which part of the foot is the proper striking area for each. Identify the 4 parts of a kick in order. Identify the anatomical targets of the middle and high punches. o What part of the hand do you strike with in the middle or high punches?
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Unformatted text preview: Know the name of the form that we practiced in class & the number of moves in the form. Be familiar with the sequence of movements in the form. Know the difference between linear and circular techniques. Know where force and power are generated in your kicks and punches: lead hand jab. Reverse punch, front kick, round kick, side kick, back kick Understand the importance of forms practice (Palgae 1) What is a Kihap (yell) why do we do it? What is the importance of respect and how is it incorporated in class....
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