KIN 54A Midterm Review 2010

KIN 54A Midterm Review 2010 - • Know the name of the form...

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KIN 54A: Beginning Tae Kwon Do Written Midterm Study Guide: Be familiar with class terminology and etiquette. What does Tae Kwon Do mean? Name the 3 basic defenses by height and know which body areas they protect. Name the 3 basic stances and know the correct posture and weight distribution of each. o What is the most stable and what is the least stable? Name the 4 basic kicks and know which part of the foot is the proper striking area for each. Identify the 4 parts of a kick in order. Identify the anatomical targets of the middle and high punches. o What part of the hand do you strike with in the middle or high punches?
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Unformatted text preview: • Know the name of the form that we practiced in class & the number of moves in the form. • Be familiar with the sequence of movements in the form. • Know the difference between linear and circular techniques. • Know where force and power are generated in your kicks and punches: lead hand jab. Reverse punch, front kick, round kick, side kick, back kick • Understand the importance of forms practice (Palgae 1) • What is a Kihap (yell) why do we do it? • What is the importance of respect and how is it incorporated in class....
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