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188_Cinequest XC - Cinequest Film Festival in San...

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Dr. Alison L. McKee RTVF 188: Alternative Cinema Spring 2010 OPTIONAL EXTRA CREDIT Cinequest Film Festival Review (up to 3% added value to semester grade) http://www.cinequest.org/ Instructions : (Note due date in course schedule; no late submissions will be accepted.) Write a thoughtful 2-3 page review of any feature film, or program of shorts, or event at
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Unformatted text preview: Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose (February 23-March 17, 2010). Discuss strengths and weaknesses, citing specific examples from the film(s) or event. Upload your results to the turnitin.com class website in the Cinequest folder, with the file name formatted as follows: “las tname_Cinequest. ”...
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