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Ch._2 - Stressors in the Workplace A Role Stressors B P-O...

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Stress: Identification and Management Review some Journal Entries Ch. 2 I. Define Stress A. Stressors 1. Physical 2. Social 3. Psychological B. Strains 1. Physiological 2. Behavioral 3. Psychological C. Hans Selyé – G.A.S. II. Moderators of Stress: Personality A. Type A Behavior Pattern: Complete Project A B. Optimism/Pessimism: Project B C. Introversion/Extroversion D. Internal/External Locus of Control: Complete Handout questionnaire E. What’s your stress personality: Review Exhibit 2-2 III.
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Unformatted text preview: Stressors in the Workplace A. Role Stressors B. P-O Fit (personality, values, KSAOs) C. Responsibility/autonomy D. Feedback E. Relations with others F. Shiftwork IV. Strains in the Workplace A. Burnout B. Withdrawal C. Abusive Behaviors V. Organization’s Responses A. EAP B. Social Support Systems VI. Stress Management vs. Coping: Project C & D A. Exercise B. Laughter C. Diet D. Sleep E. Problem-Solving vs. Emotion-focused coping F. Relaxation exercises VII. Violence in the Workplace...
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