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Refreshment Signup - 2/24 The Road Warriors 3/3 TEP Tigers...

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EDTE 246 Section 4  Spring 2010 REFRESHMENTS SIGN-UP Groups that are responsible for refreshments on a given week will kindly  take charge of setting up the food as well as clean-up at the end of class.  Thank you! 2/3: Sans Gluten 2/10: Pink Panthers 2/17: The Attractive Powers
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Unformatted text preview: 2/24: The Road Warriors 3/3: TEP Tigers 3/10: Nature Nerds 3/17: The 4 Cutie Cats 3/24: Sans Gluten 4/7: The Attractive Powers 4/14: The 4 Cutie Cats 4/21: TPE Tigers 4/28: Pink Panthers 5/5: No Class 5/12: Nature Nerds 5/19: Whole class participates in potluck...
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  • Infantry battalions of the United States Marine Corps, Artillery battalions of the United States Marine Corps, Road Warriors, Pink Panthers, Attractive Powers

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