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Notes - Gm video - 11-17-2008

Notes - Gm video - 11-17-2008 - a Speeds up 6 SPC –...

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GM – Detroit Diesel Corporation 1. Quality a. When must quality issue b. Who is involved? – everyone 2. Design of product must be customer driven 3. Customer defines quality 4. Difference today is SPIRIT and TEAMWORK a. Performed rigorous field testing b. Getting everyone involved 5. CMN – coordinate measurement machine – highly accurate. Error = fraction of 1000 th of an inch. Used during product design to assure reliable products
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Unformatted text preview: a. Speeds up 6. SPC – control charts allow to distinguish between random and non random variations 7. Market Share is what they use to measure as well as satisfaction of employees on the job to measure quality. 8. Skilled workers 9. Assembly lines normally use unskilled labor but when you are making engines you want to have skilled labor...
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