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Name __________________________________ Math 19 Exam 1 Extra Points Opportunity You may do the problem below for up to 8 additional points on your Exam 1 score. You cannot earn more than a perfect score on the exam, so if you earned more than 67 points, then you’ll only be eligible for as many points as necessary for you to earn 75 points (100%). DUE DATE: Wednesday February 27, 2008 11:30 a.m. Rules You may use your notes and textbooks. I encourage you to do this. You may discuss the problems with fellow Math 19 students. You may not consult with anyone else, either in person or via correspondence. You must write up your own solutions. You may not copy from one another. Failure to follow directions will result in the automatic reduction of additional points you could have earned on the exam. Failure to turn in the exam extra points problems by the due date and time will result in the automatic reduction of additional points you could have earned on the exam.
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Unformatted text preview: • There will be no additional time allowed for corrections to students who are absent from class, regardless of the reason. If you are absent for so long that you fail to get the extra points opportunity problems by the due date, then you will have to take the late penalty. The privilege of full credit eligibility is reserved for students who attend class regularly. A steel drum in the shape of a right circular cylinder is required to have a volume of 81 cubic feet. (a) Express the amount A of material required to make the circular wall of the drum as a function of the radius r of the cylinder. (3 points) (b) How much material is required for the circular wall of the drum if the radius is as follows? (3 points) (i) 2 feet? (ii) 3 feet? (iii) 4 feet? (c) Use a graphing utility to draw the graph of the function A = A ( r ). Draw the graph below or on the back. For what value of r is A the smallest? (2 points) Page 1 of 1...
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