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ch.4 - o 10-12 million Africans arrived in America Of that...

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Ch. 4 Slavery and Empire Household slaves had been a part of the Mediterranean world since ancient times. Slaves and sugar plantations have gone together since the 14 th century. Columbus brought sugar plantations to Hispaniola. The Portuguese brought it to Brazil and started the African slave trade The African Slave Trade o The movement of Africans across the Atlantic to the Americas was the largest forced migration in world history. o They outnumbered European migrants 6 to 1 in the Americas
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Unformatted text preview: o 10-12 million Africans arrived in America. Of that 76% came from 1701-1810. o Most Africans were enslaved through Warfare. o Some were caught by surprise in the night and then taken away before organization could be accomplished. o Conditions in slave ships were bad, both in treatment and in sanitation. o For each slave taken to America a slave could be found dead during the raid or from other related causes o The local economy of west Africa was bad and dependent on imports....
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