Peer Editing Worksheet 1B

Peer Editing Worksheet 1B - 5 Comment on the coherence of...

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Peer Editing Worksheet: Major Revision Writer:_________________________________Reviewer:_______________________________ For the writer : 1. What is your thesis? (Remember that it should be an arguable statement, usually a claim with reasons, not a phrase or a question.) 2. What in particular do you want the reviewer to check? _______________________________________________________________________ For the reviewer : 1. What do you like best about the essay? 2. How is the title and introduction? Do they draw you in and make you want to read more? Is there a thesis statement or controlling idea evident? What might make it stronger? 3. Consider the development: are enough modes used to make it interesting and long enough (at least three full pages)? What other modes might be useful? 4. Is the essay clearly organized? How might the organization be improved?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Comment on the coherence of the essay. On the paper itself, note where transitions might be needed, or where a paragraph break might go. Comment on the effectiveness of the topic sentences, too. 6. How effective is the conclusion? Does it provide an adequate sense of completion? Reinforce the thesis without tedious repetition? How might it be improved? 7. Considering that this is for The Spartan Daily , does it seem appropriately designed for its audience. 8. Is the essay significantly improved, altered, and/or expanded? If all the writer did is fix the grammar mistakes I pointed out, warn him or her that this will not get a good grade! Also, remember that both Andrea Franier’s and Thomas Friedman’s essays should both be discussed, at least briefly. If the improvement/expansion has been minimal, how might it be improved? 1 2...
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Peer Editing Worksheet 1B - 5 Comment on the coherence of...

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