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research outline - communication(within the context of...

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Interpersonal Relationships and Gender Studies: An Intertwined Approach to Building and Sustaining Romantic Relationships Intro: I figured if one would like to establish a healthy relationship, then they must be familiar with gender differences. Furthermore, the gender differences will provide people with better approaches to interpersonal communication for either gender. Body: - According to the article, “Reconsidering Gender-Related Research In Interpersonal Communication”, authors Deanna D. Sellnow and Tamara D. Rhodes emphasize on the importance of examining interpersonal communication based on a given gender and its differences (Sellnow). They begin to write on the basis of how and why other researchers studying interpersonal relations should make clear distinctions among both genders. - Interpersonal relations - Gender studies and differences
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Unformatted text preview: - communication (within the context of interpersonal relations and gender)- Gender differences in the use of mobile phones (research article)- Interpersonal relationships through the computer (research article)- Confrontation and addressing hurtful messages Conclusion: Relationships require dedication from both people involved. In order to have a healthy successful relationship, both people must be fully committed to one another. All relationships are going to have their ups and downs; nevertheless, it is how we manage the situations which make the relationship meaningful. The mutual understanding must be met at all times, and the willingness to compromise is vital. We should always recognize our emotions and feelings. It is important that we acknowledge the love and keep it balanced at all times....
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