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Notebook Assignment #2, due Wednesday, February 17th Length: A page, more or less In her marvelous book on creativity, Writing Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg says, “If you are having trouble writing and nothing seems real, write about food.” This week, you are going to write about food. There are many ways to approach this assignment: you can sit down, eat a meal, and describe it as you write. You can recall a terrific food that you love. You can go out to a restaurant and describe not only the meal, but also the surroundings, the people you are with, etc. One fun way to do this assignment is to experience food you’ve never had before. Food is also powerfully linked to memory, so you can also choose to write about food that is evocative of the past for you in some way: food that you remember as a child, a
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Unformatted text preview: meal that a loved one cooked for you, a fabulous meal, a terrible meal, a meal you once had, but never will again. Try to describe the food in detail, even to the point of using metaphor and simile (metaphor=direct comparison, simile=comparison using like or as). By the way, the food you write about doesnt have to be a full ten-course dinner. Something as small as a bag of chips will do, if you are so inclined. Be descriptive, have fun, and if the writing takes you somewhere beyond (as where this food was grown, cooked, etc.) thats fine! Please upload your notebook assignment to and bring a printed copy for me on the due date. Also include one piece of in-class creative writing from any class day up until February 10 th (since the 15 th is a holiday). Please type it;; length is open....
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