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GOVERNMENT AND OPPOSITION BURDENS Government Burdens Provide criteria, measuring stick to establish a problem exists and change is needed. Prove the resolution is true. Define terms (parameters of the argument/jurisdiction) (In intramural debate your team makes sure the terms are debatable.) Address stock issues, inherency (ill, blame, cure, cost) by establishing a prima facie case (temporarily suspend presumption). Your team has burden of proof. Talk about inherency and harms: demonstrate that there is some cause in the status quo that is either creating the need or preventing the status quo from solving the problem, and thus, the problem is likely to continue. Talk about barriers of the status quo: attitudinal, physical, economic, political barriers. Provide a solution:
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Unformatted text preview: include planks: Agency Mandates Funding Enforcement Talk about advantages of your solution, and how it solves the problem (solvency). Opposition Burdens • Defend the status quo by either denying or minimizing ill. • Or repair the present system by providing your own case. • Direct point by point refutation of the Government case. • If desirable, offer alternative solution to the Government team. • Burden of rejoinder: your job is to clash, clash, clash with all Government points. • You enjoy presumption at the start of the debate; your job is to hold onto that. In other words, the status quo is sufficient unless the Government team proves otherwise. Your team is defending status quo, but also offering an offensive position....
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