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Experiential Marketing Audit (Gilbert’s) The city of Las Vegas is a big draw for anyone wanting to get away and enjoy his or her weekend. The hotel/casino, and resort industry has put a lot of effort, money, and thought in ensuring you’ll have the best time ever during your stay in one of their locations. The moment that your limo or taxi pulls in towards the entrance of the hotel, you notice how big and luxurious the building is with huge signs advertising their main events and headliners. Employees of the hotel greet you and grab your bags; ready for you once you enter your room. There are a lot of lights, sounds from casino machines, and even the scent inside the casino freshens you up. You hear the laughter, cheers, and loud chatter among the craps tables—that allows for a fun and enjoying atmosphere—and simply, I want to do the same. A product that I believe could use some experiential marketing is called Glasslock, a Tupperware type container made from glass with a really tight lid that can easily close
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Unformatted text preview: and open by flipping it’s side flaps. For one, the packaging is bland, ugly and not appealing. Opening the package, using the product does not evoke any emotion. I feel the quality of the product and features contradicts with how the product is packaged and marketed. Another note, it does not make me want to cook my own food and bring it to work. Lastly, I can’t relate to the product at all. If Glasslock were to create an experiential marketing campaign: They can improve on their packaging, conveying quality. Perhaps have marketing materials inside the packaging that I can relate to and make me feel proud in my home cooked meals. I want the product to make me act/change my behavior or lifestyle. This product should make me want to change my lifestyle—not eat fast food—instead, go for the home style cooked meals. Glasslock could utilize commercials to convey how easy to clean the product, how sturdy and durable it is in comparison to traditional plastic containers....
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