Ancient Sources on the Jews

Ancient Sources on the Jews - 1-On the Egvptian Nameof...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-On the Egvptian Nameof Mosesand their Attack on Egypt1.28 "He says also that "the Egyptianscame with an army of two hundred thousandmen, and that Amenophis,the king of Egyptnot thinking that he ought to fight against the gods, ran away presentlyinto Ethiopia,andcommittedApis and certain other of their sacred animals to the priests, and commandedthem to take care ofpreservingthem." He says further, that" the people of Jerusalemcame accordinglyupon the Egyptians,andoverthrewtheir cities, and burnt their temples,and slew their horsemen,and, in short, abstained from no sort ofwickednessnor barbarity;and for that priest who settled their polity and their laws," he says," he was by birth ofHellopolis,and his name was Osarsiph, from Osyris the god of Hellopolis,but that he changed his name, andcalled himself Moses." He then says that "on the thirteenthyear afterward,Amenophis,according to the fataltime of the duration of his misfortunes,came upon them out of Ethiopia with a great army, and joiningbattlewith the shepherds and with the polluted people, overcame them in battle, and slew a great many of them, andpursued them as far as the bounds of Syria."A Variation of the Exodus StorY1. 32 And now I have done with Manetho,I will inquire into what Cheremonsays. For he also, when hepretendedto write the Egyptian history, sets down the same name for this king that Manetho did, Amenophis,asalso of his son Ramesses,and then goes on thus: "The goddess Isis appeared to Amenophisin his sleep, andblamed him that her temple had been demolishedin the war. But that Phritiphantes,the sacred scribe, said tohim, that in case he would purge Egypt of the men that had pollutionsupon them, he should be no longertroubled. with such frightful apparitions.That Amenophisaccordinglychose out two hundred and fifty thousandof those that were thus diseased, and cast them out of the country: that Moses and Joseph were scribes, andJoseph was a sacred scribe; that their names were Egyptian originally; that of Moses had been Tisithen,and thatof Joseph. Peteseph: that these two came to Pelusium,and lighted upon three hundredand eighty thousandthathad been left there by Amenophis,he not being willing to carry them into Egypt; that these scribes made aleague of friendship with them, and made with them an expeditionagainst Egypt: that Amenophiscould notsustain their attacks, but fled into Ethiopia,and left his wife with child behind him, who lay concealedin certaincaverns, and there brought forth a son, whose name was Messene,and who, when he was grown up to man'sestate, pursued the Jews into Syria, being about two hundred thousand,and then received his father Amenophisout of Ethiopia."On the Egvptian Story of the Exodus1. 34. I shall now add to these accounts about ManethoandCheremonsomewhatabout Lysimachus,who hathtaken the same topic of falsehood with those forementioned,but hath gone far beyond them in the incrediblenature of his forgeries; which plainly demonstratesthat he contrived them out of his virulent hatred of our...
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Ancient Sources on the Jews - 1-On the Egvptian Nameof...

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