MAS 10A essay #6 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 Dear Editor,...

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Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 Dear Editor, I recently attended a speech given by Frederick Douglass and have been inspired to speak up myself. I can no longer sit idly by while slaves in our community are treated unjustly. For too long we have lived quietly in this country and have allowed clouded judgments to cast our future. I for one will no longer keep quiet, no matter the consequence. I can no longer accept the mistreatment of people for financial gain’s sake. Americans must break the traditions of hate and move forward to a progressive future, where all people are truly created equal. We cannot continue to treat fellow human beings as unequal. I would like to take this opportunity to share with our community the reasons why it is time for a drastic change in our nation. As Douglass states in his speech, and as I was recently told in lecture, there are currently 72 different crimes in which a black person can be sentenced to death in Virginia. Only two of those are punishable by death if a white person commits the same crime (Barrera, October 2009). Here is a clear example of a double standard in our society.
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MAS 10A essay #6 - Fall 2009: MAS 10A Essay #5 Dear Editor,...

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