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LLD_2_Assessible_Greensheet_final_revision - San Jos State...

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San José State University Linguistics and Language Development LLD 002 Spring 2008 Instructor: Victoria Sansome Office location: Clark 406E Telephone: 924-4729 (messages only, I cannot call you back) Email: [email protected] Office hours: MW 13:30-14:50, TTH 11:10-11:50, and by appt. Make it a point to see me! Class days/time: MW 15:00-16:15 p.m. BBC 123 (Sec. 24: 33986) MW 16:30-17:45 p.m. BBC 123 (Sec. 19:33946) TTH 12:00-13:15 p.m. CL 318 (Sec. 26: 34007) TTH 13:30-14:45 p.m. CL 316 (Sec. 15: 21002) Prerequisites: Successful completion of LLD 001 or EPT score of 142-148 Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty_and_staff/faculty_detail.jsp?id=2360 Copies of the course syllabus and major assignment sheets may be found on my faculty web page accessible through the quick links/faculty web page links on the SJSU home page after the first week of classes. You are responsible for regularly checking with the new messaging system through MySJSU. This will be used for updates, etc. You may not reply to this message, use my email address, [email protected] , for questions, etc. Course Description and Goals This course continues the development of students’ ability to use English for academic purposes. The focus is on literacy at the college level, with the use of oral language to support and reinforce the development of reading and writing. Emphasizing the connection between reading and writing, the course will include naturally sequenced, culturally relevant reading selections and writing assignments that challenge students to examine and reinterpret their own experience and background knowledge. Recognizing the connection between oral and written, the course will include peer discussion of reading assignments and essay drafts. You will improve your grammar and writing skills with the help of writing and grammar assignments and class discussions.
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Student Learning Objectives To expand academic vocabulary through the use of college dictionaries, word analysis, and contextual information Understand how sentences are effectively combined in paragraphs and paragraphs in essays Write effective sentences, paragraphs, and essays Use critical thinking skills to understand and respond to both expository and argumentative reading assignments To observe and discuss students’ own and their peers’ composing processes in order to develop their own compositions from inception to completion Course requirements a. Homework: Weekly, based on readings and sentence combining skills b. Quizzes: Weekly, based on readings and sentence combining skills c. Exams: (see "final exam" below) d. Class participation: Participation Points: Active learning requires participation. Participation is essential for success in this course. One (1) Participation Point will be given to
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LLD_2_Assessible_Greensheet_final_revision - San Jos State...

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