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week12post - Critical thinking is essential for all people...

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Critical thinking is essential for all people who work in groups, because the skills and knowledge are used on a daily basis. People must learn to work together in groups in order to be most successful at any tasks at hand. Whether there is a dilemma, or a decision must be reached, groups must cooperate to figure out how they can arrive at the best solution. Before any decision can be made, everything involved must be accounted for when making any sort of reasoning or argument. This is why I felt that the concept of a good/bad argument was the most interesting thing studied in the course. It is a great tool to use in everyday life, and it can make a world of difference. I felt like the more one can understand how to write good argument can really help raise one’s intelligence level. It becomes easier for the individual to make their point strong and concise. Rothwell applied critical thinking to groups as a way for people to work successfully together. Like they always say, two heads are better than one. I agree with
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