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Spyder Case - David Jacobs career path seemed pretty bumpy...

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David Jacobs’ career path seemed pretty bumpy at first. I think if it weren’t for his past ventures he would not have succeeded in Spyder. He said one of the biggest things was to never sell more than 50% of a company. He said if you sell more than that, you might as well sell the whole thing. Jacobs definitely became a much better entrepreneur over the years of his different ventures. I like the way he knew he had to leave his comfort zone to move up to the next level. Spyder’s revenues were able to increase from $10 million to $61 million because Spyder had become such a well-known name and they were considered the highest quality product due to the materials they used. Also once they joined forces with CHB, they were able to invest in a high quality IT system to secure bigger accounts. Spyder was able to hire a marketing executive that would help in global sales. Spyder also invested in getting fixtures put up in ski shops, which would help boost revenues. They also broadened their target market.
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