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Comm 20 Secontion 31 February 2009 Cultural Artifact Outline Speech Topic: Being Persian. I. Introduction A. Being Persian does not mean I’m a terrorist but it does have certain rules you have to meet in order to know you are Persian. II. Body A. First of all you have to have a Persian-dar meaning you have to know a Persian when you see one, recognition is key. B. Second, you have to speak the language of Farsi. i. It’s tough and weird and hard to learn but you better be fluent or
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Unformatted text preview: else your Persian-ness comes into question. C. Drive a Mercedes Benz or a BMW i. Consider yourself Persian if you follow the first two rules, consider yourself very Persian if you follow the last rule as well. III. Conclusion A. It’s true that you have to be born Persian but if you don’t follow these rules from birth you’ve most likely been disowned....
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