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166 spring 2010 - San Jos State University SOCI 166 Medical...

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San José State University SOCI 166, Medical Sociology, Spring 2010 Instructor: Dr.Natalie Boero Office Location: DMH 211 Telephone: (408) (924-5345) Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday: 11:45am-1:00pm, 2:45pm-3:30pm, 8:45-9:30pm (Soc 105 Students only) Wednesday: 2:45-4:00pm Class Days/Time: Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30-2:45pm Classroom: DMH 166 Prerequisites: SOCI 1 or equivalent. Faculty Web Page and MYSJSU Messaging Copies of the course materials such as the syllabus, major assignment handouts, etc. may be found on my faculty web page at http://www.sjsu.edu/people/natalie.boero or accessible through the Quick Links>Faculty Web Page links on the SJSU home page. You are responsible for regularly checking your email for notifications relevant to the course. Course Description In this course we will study health and illness through a sociological lens. We will use readings, lecture material, films and more to explore the social meanings of health, illness and medical care. We will ask questions about how healthcare is distributed and look at the social distribution of illness while at the same time looking at the social construction of our ideas about what is and is not healthy. We will focus on the topic of medicalization, or, the process by which previously non-medical phenomena come to be understood in medical terms. In particular we will explore how the media, pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession influence how we understand and experience our own health and the health of our society. Course Content Learning Outcomes As a result of fully participating in this class, students will be able to: Medical Sociology, SOCI 166, Spring 2010 Page 1 of 9
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a) Describe, explain, and summarize the social and cultural character of health, illness, and disease. b) Examine trends, issues, and problems related to the social distribution of health, illness, disease, and health care in the United States. c) Describe and critically assess the social organization of medical care in the United States. d) Compare and contrast different types of health care systems with the U.S. health care system. Describe and critically assess the social process of medicalization and its implications. Required Texts/Readings Textbook There are two required textbooks for this course. They are available for purchase at the SJSU bookstore as well as online at Amazon.com. 1. Peter Conrad (editor). 2008. The Sociology of Health and Illness: Critical Perspectives 8 th Edition. [denoted as Conrad below] 2. Peter Conrad. 2007. The Medicalization of Society: On the Transformation of Human Conditions into Treatable Disorders . [denoted as MOS below] Other Readings In addition, there are several additional readings I will post on my webpage in PDF format. In the schedule, these readings are denoted with a “W” Classroom Protocol Reading makes up a significant portion of the work in this class. Keeping up on the reading is important to keeping up with class discussions as well as preparing for exams. I expect that you will have each week’s readings completed by Monday of each week. I
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166 spring 2010 - San Jos State University SOCI 166 Medical...

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