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1 History 170, Week 2 Reading Questions Secondary Source: Igna Clendinnen Primary Sources: Cortes, Aztecs Clendinnen 1. What kind of narrative is she refuting? 2. What evidence does she use to reconstruct the scene? 3. What are some of the cultural differences she finds between the Mexicans and the Spaniards? 4. Who were the Tlaxcalans? 5. Why did the Spaniards win? Could it have been otherwise? 6. How does she describe Cortes before and after the conquest? Why does this matter? 7. Who practices “fierce and unnatural cruelty”? Cortes letter What does he describe in his letter? What is the tone of his letter? According to Cortes, what is the place of Christianity? Does he think he will win? Why? Aztecs How do they explain the conquest? What is the tone of the poem?
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History 170, Week 4 (Note that Week 3 was President’s Day) Reading Questions Secondary Source: Mohawk Saint: Catherine Tekakwitha and the Jesuits Primary Source: Paul Le Jeune From Allan Greer’s Mohawk Saint 1. Why does Greer write this book? Is he telling an exceptional story or a typical one? 2. What do we learn about the Jesuits from Mohawk Saint ? Who are they and why do they come to Canada? 3. What are the Jesuit Relations ? 4. Look at the Table of Contents. What does this organization tell us about Greer’s understanding of native-French relations? 5. Describ e the tone of Greer’s narrative. Is Greer a trustworthy narrator? 6. What does the interaction between Catherine and Claude teach us about the French-Mohawk world of the latter part of the seventeenth century? Describe three lessons we learn about colonization. 7. Why is Tekakwitha’s death a “beautiful” one (Chapter 1)? 8. How can Catherine remain Mohawk (p. 167) while Claude undergoes a transformation? (p. 31)? 9. How did Catherine Tekakwitha, an Iroquois woman , end up in a Jesuit mission? (The Jesuits’ mission was to convert Indians in New France, not the Iroquois Indians who allied with the Dutch) From Paul Le Jeune (1634)
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H170_sum_midterms - History 170 Week 2 Reading Questions...

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