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Irwin on Jones - Tatiana Irwin 210b Book Notes Jacqueline...

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Tatiana Irwin 210b Book Notes Jacqueline Jones. Labor of Love Labor of Sorrow . New York: Basic Books, 1985 Thesis – black women worked in three spheres: household, community and paid workforce, the first two earned them respect while the last one reinforced their subordinate status (p1); division of household/community work with paid work created tensions between white employers and black employees Rationale – educate students about black female labor; set their unique experience apart from their race, class, and gender; document change in black female work patterns and the stubbornness of mother love Historiographical Position – New Left Methodoloy – case study of black women’s work and family from slavery to present Sources – secondary sources for background, primary for support (slave narratives) Notes – Enslaved Women (1830-1860) Children helped to inspire resistance against the slaveholder Gender roles for slaves are blurred; however women can do men’s work, but men won’t do work construed as women’s; all hands in the fields The smaller the farm, the more likely this was to happen Because of sex generally didn’t end up as skilled artisans or mechanics – birthing Uses fertility statistics to show the point that, as cotton demand grew in price, women had decreased fertility rates and higher infant mortality rates Not always beneficial to work in “big house” Threats to males for misbehaving was having to do chores designated as “female”
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Irwin on Jones - Tatiana Irwin 210b Book Notes Jacqueline...

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